The word Lager comes from the German verb, "Lagern" which means to store.   Lagers also use cultured yeast strains, however these strains tend to ferment at cooler temperatures and sink to the bottom after fermentation.  Lager is therefore known as bottom fermented.  Why not browse all of the lagers in our range?

Lagers can be light or dark and are produced with soft water.

Czech Pilsner

The original pale Lager style synonymous with Plzen in the Czech Republic. A smooth, full flavoured and bodied beer. A nice balance between biscuity malts, fruity yeast flavours and herbal hops

Continental Pilsener

Often more fully fermented than a Czech Pilsner with a drier finish. Generally, crisper and more refreshing than their Czech counterparts with less aroma. Serve around 6 degrees celsius

Amber, Marzen and Oktoberfest

Smooth beers with rich malt flavours influenced by easy to drink American beers. Well balanced sweetness with average bitterness. Serve around 9 degrees celsius

Helles Pale Lagers

Bavarian brewers originally created this "Hell" beer which literally translates to light/pale. Many German variants adhere to the Reinheitsgebot. Many of the worlds best selling beers fall into this category and deliver a drinkable, clean tasting, refreshing beer. eg Heineken and Peroni


Originating from Northern Germany, Bocks are strong beers ranging from 6.5%-14% ABV and are usually served warmer than other lagers. You may find a goat on the label and high strength versions are termed Dobbelbocks! Big strong lager flavours, big rich malts, spicy hops , fruity and chocolatey.

American and Light Lagers

Easy drinking lagers designed for maximum refreshment and served chilled between 0 and 4 degrees celsius. Drank and produced all over the world. Served very cold and light on flavour these beers are well suited to warm climates. Highly carbonated.

Dunkel and Dark Lagers

The original lagers were all dark until the Czechs at Plzen changed the face of brewing in the 19th century. These beers are still cold fermented with lager yeasts but these lagers are not like anything else in the family. Fascinating smooth and clean beer, with subtle bitter-sweet balance and a light dry finish.

Why not browse all of the lagers in our range?

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