Lambics use a wild yeast that is non-cultured and bacteria from the surrounding environment.  Lambic beers are often cloudy as a result of not all of the yeast reacting in the same way.  They typically  range in colour between straw and ruby.

Lambic beers make an interesting alternative to Ales and Lagers, often appealing to non beer drinkers.

Pure Lambic

Many Lambic brewers reside in the Senne Valley in Belgium, Pure Lambic beers are made here and often matured for over a year to produce. Typically 5-6.5% with a sour/pungent aroma that softens with age. Naturally cloudy with little head, once poured they could be described as flat looking.Served around 11-13C


The process of blending young and old Lambics create a carbonated beer that is generally clearer than other lambic beers. A interesting sour/sweet beer is the result. Often 5-8%ABV and served cooler than Pure Lambics at around 8-10C

Fruit Beers

Fruits and Sugars are added to a Gueuze at the 2nd fermentation stage. These fruits often include cherries(Kriek), blackcurrents(Cassis), raspberries(Framboise),bananas and peaches(Peche). The colour of the fruit generally determines the colour of the beer and the secondary fermentation creates carbonation and hence a head on the beer. Even non beer drinkers enjoy these smooth beers as the fruit often relaxes the Gueuze beer. Served around 8-10C

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