Bombardier Amber Can 5.2% 6x4x500ml US/CA (KK)

Bombardier Amber Can 5.2% 6x4x500ml US/CA (KK)

Drink Type Bitter


Brewery Eagle Brewery

Packaging Tray & Shrink

The Drink of England! The must have English Beer Wells Bombardier is exported to over 20 countries from Australia to Canada, and Russia to the USA. Bombardier is an iconic real beer loaded with distinct English brilliance. It’s the essence of impeccable taste and great character. The rich, full-bodied nectar is a lingering reward – English, ever reliable and damned tasty! The popular draught variants of the brand are complimented by a 5.2% ABV version of the beer in bottles. A burnished copper colour, it has a rich, tempting aroma of peppery hops and raisins, while the palate is dominated by more dark fruit, juicy malt and tangy hops.”

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Product Information

Brewery Eagle Brewery
Brand Bombardier
Drink Style Bitter
Item Volume 500
Degree Plato 12.59
Shelf Life 13 months

Packaging Information

Item Type Can (Aluminium)
Commodity Code 22030009
ITF Product Barcode 608359005181
UPC Code 608359005174
Case Dimensions 41cm x27cm x17cm
Pallet Configuration 80 Units(10 Units Per layer/8 Layers per pallet)
Pallet Gross Weight 1065kg
Packaging Type Tray & Shrink

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