Ginger Tom 6% ABV 12x330ml Bottle

Ginger Tom 6% ABV 12x330ml Bottle

Drink Type Speciality Ale

ABV 6.00

Brewery Robinsons

Packaging Tray & Shrink

Specially brewed using an infusion of Chinese bruised ginger root and botanical extracts, Old Tom Ginger is a lively breed indeed. It has a delicious purring warmth for those colder winter nights…and a refreshing summer coolness when served over ice. Winner of World’s Best Herb & Spice Beer.

  • See: Dark Oak
  • Smell: Sweet Ginger, Peppery
  • Taste: Ginger, Spicy Herbs, Malts

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Product Information

Brewery Robinsons
Brand Ginger Tom
ABV 6.00
Drink Style Speciality Ale
Item Volume 330
Degree Plato 15
Shelf Life 18 months

Packaging Information

Item Type Bottle (Glass)
Commodity Code 22030001
ITF Product Barcode 050 15759 120614
UPC Code 5 015759 00061 9
Case Dimensions 28cm x21cm x20cm
Pallet Configuration 119 Units(17 Units Per layer/7 Layers per pallet)
Pallet Gross Weight 846.1kg
Packaging Type Tray & Shrink

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