Stowford Press Dark Berry Cider 4.0% ABV 1x30L Dolium

Stowford Press Dark Berry Cider 4.0% ABV 1x30L Dolium

Drink Type Flavoured Cider

ABV 4.00

Brewery Westons

Packaging None

A delicious and refreshing cider bursting with the flavour of Dark Berries. Vibrant dark berry colour, the cider is rich in blackcurrent and blackberry flavour.

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Product Information

Brewery Westons
Brand Dark Berry
ABV 4.00
Drink Style Flavoured Cider
Item Volume 30000
Degree Plato N/A
Shelf Life 9 months

Packaging Information

Item Type Dolium (PET)
Commodity Code 22060089
ITF Product Barcode N/A
UPC Code 05014201804003
Case Dimensions 30cm x30cm x57cm
Pallet Configuration 33 Units(11 Units Per layer/3 Layers per pallet)
Pallet Gross Weight 1092.55kg
Packaging Type None

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