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Langley’s Old Tom Gin
Available in Export

Sovereign Beverage Company welcomes Langley’s latest creation, Old Tom Gin.

Langley’s Old Tom gin is a style of gin that first came to prominence in the 18th and 19th centuries and is generally sweeter than a London Dry Gin. The style “is a forgotten classic” according to Langley’s founder, Mark Dawkins and they are rightfully proud of their modern twist on this classic English gin.

Langley’s Old Tom Gin creators believe this sweeter flavour profile will give it appeal to bartenders and feature in cocktails such as the Tom Collins. Langley’s signature serve is the Langley’s Old Tom St. Clements – a classic “G&T” garnished with a oranges and lemons.

Available from October, Old Tom Gin will be available in 40% and 47% versions.

Langley’s No 8 Gin
awarded 93 points

Spirits reviewer and reporter Kara Newman reviewed the hottest gins on the market in the August issue of Wine Enthusiast, awarding Langley’s No 8 Gin 93 points!

This complex, balanced gin has a citrusy, lightly sweet palate, hinting at grapefruit and delivering a faint, pleasing white floral note. The finish offers citrus and spicy zing.

Langley’s No. 8 is a very carefully formulated gin featuring a balance of eight botanicals, including juniper berries from Macedonia, coriander seeds from Bulgaria, sweet orange peel and sweet lemon peel from Spain, cassia bark from Indonesia and ground nutmeg from Sri Lanka, and an ABV of 41.7%.

It is exactly what you want in a classic G&T or martini, and it’s also the best option for a delicious Negroni, a gin punch or other gin-focused drinks.

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