Beer Style Guide

Don't know your Double IPA from your Pale Ale?¬† This quick and handy guide to beer styles aims to guide you through the maze of the many beer styles produced.    

  • What is Beer?

    A beer is any alcoholic beverage fermented from grains and flavoured with hops. Find out more....

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  • Real Ales

    Ales use cultured yeast strains which ferment at warmer temperatures and collect on the top of the beer once fermented.

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  • Lagers

    The word Lager comes from the German verb, "Lagern" which means to store. Like Ales, Lagers also use cultured yeast strains, however these strains tend to ferment at cooler temperature

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  • Lambics

    Lambics use a wild yeast that is non-cultured and bacteria from the surrounding environment. Fruit Beer, Gueuze and Pure Lambic styles are famous variants.

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  • SBC triumphs at The Allica Bank Great British Entrepreneur Awards

    David Davies, founder of Blackburn based Sovereign Beverage Company  has been awarded Global Entrepreneur of the Year for...

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  • David Davies interviewed by Daily Express

    Our Founder David was interviewed by the Daily Express about the success we are creating for our premium suppliers. You can...

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  • Kazakhstan importers visit UK breweries Greene King and Belhaven

    Almawine Company, known as a pioneer in the alcoholic beverages business in Kazakhstan, joined us in Edinburgh last week to...

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